Community Involvement

Medtronic recognises that, as a major employer, it has a responsibility to the community that supports it, and strives to initiate, nurture and support projects, which are beneficial to the local area and reflective of our area of business.

Medtronic is the main sponsor of the Galway Science and Technology Festival, which aims to promote the sciences to young people in a fun and creative way. The event launch is hosted each year on the Medtronic campus and numerous scientific activities take place in local schools throughout the two-week festival. Medtronic employees are heavily involved throughout and it is their enthusiastic involvement and generous donation of free time, which help to make it a huge success.

The Medtronic Scientist of the Future programme is a collaboration between Medtronic Ireland, the Galway Education Centre and the Medtronic Foundation. This initiative promotes innovation and the use of technology in the classroom, in an effort to educate schoolchildren on the possibilities of technological advances.   The programme requires extensive cooperation by teachers and mentors from within the staff of Medtronic, and has reached out to many local schools since its initiation in 2004.

A further collaboration of those entities is the Medtronic Healthy Living programme. This programme introduces 9 to 12 year olds to the concept of Healthy Living and facilitates activities that support this ethos, such as the development of school gardens, numerous activities both indoor and outdoor, and educating children on the scientific connection between these activities and healthy living.

 Medtronic strives to fulfill the company mission ‘to maintain good citizenship as a company’ within the local community. Each year, the ‘Mission in Motion’ programme supports the rollout of Medtronic sponsored projects and activities contributing to the community. Medtronic employees nominate and actively promote one particular ‘Charity of the Year’ and several events are organised during the year to raise funds.

The Medtronic Foundation is Medtronic’s primary vehicle for making charitable donations. Our Mission is to improve the health of people and communities by focusing our resources in areas where we can make unique and positive contributions.



Last updated: 22 Sep 2010

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